Veraison in full swing, Napa ranked among the “10 best small cities in America”

The dog days of summer are nearly upon us and things are getting busier here in the Napa Valley. Here are a few interesting tidbits that have recently come across our desk.

How to See Napa in One Day
The folks at Forbes Travel Guide created an insane one-day Napa itinerary. It certainly does not qualify for our idea of a relaxing day in wine country, but to each their own. Here’s an excerpt:

After having one too many fall-off-the-bone ribs, taking advantage of the Downtown Napa Wine Tasting Card might be a good idea. For $30, you’ll have access to 12 tasting rooms all within walking distance from Bounty Hunter. Just present your card at places such as Naked Wines, Capp Heritage, Uncorked at Oxbow, Mason Cellars and, of course, at Bounty Hunter for exclusive vinos made by small-production winemakers that can’t be found outside of these tasting rooms.

Full story.

The 10 Best Small Cities in America
Conde Nast Traveler published a list of the ten best small cities in all the land and the City of Napa checked in at number three! Excerpt:

Barely an hour’s drive north of San Francisco, the rolling hills, vineyards, and gorgeous inns of Napa Valley draw oenophiles, romantics, and anyone in search of a small slice of Europe in Northern California (with restaurant quality and prices to match).

Full story.

Veraison in full swing
Veraison, which signals the onset of ripening, has been spotted throughout vineyards across the valley. Here are a couple of our favorite images that indicate harvest is just around the corner.

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