Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Uncork29?
A: Uncork29 is a community website where you can find, rate, review and share information about the Napa Valley with others.

Q: Who is behind Uncork29?
A: We're just people with a passion for the Napa Valley and everything it has to offer. We were born and raised in the valley and were amazed that there were so few online resources focused strictly on the Napa Valley particularly any that offer a non-commercial take on things.

Q: What makes Uncork29 unique?
A: You'll notice we don't have advertising on the site and we're not pushing any one place over another. What makes Uncork29 unique is that it is truly a place for unbiased, unfiltered information about the Napa Valley. We also think our itinerary builder is a pretty cool feature and unlike anything else we've seen out there.

Q: How do I get started rating, reviewing and tagging places?
A: That's easy either login to your account, or signup for one and you're off.

Q: Why do I have to log-in in order to rate, review or tag a place?
A: What kind of community would we have if we didn't know who you were? Seriously though, we're using the log-in/sign-up function to help keep the information about local places as unbiased as possible. We wouldn't want any local establishments to have all their employees constantly rating their place of business five-stars, now would we?

Q: Why can't I find a place I'm looking for?
A: New hotels, restaurants, spas, wineries and other businesses are always popping up around here. The beauty of Uncork29 is that it's truly a community website, so when something new pops up or something changes, the community has the ability to make those changes to the site themselves. So if you didn't see something, click here and add it yourself!

Q: Do you have special deals with local businesses?
A: We don't at this time, and that's on purpose. We don't want to get into the habit of making deals with businesses in exchange for special placement on the site. When you come to the site, we want you to see the places and things that the community has decided are the most important, most highly rated, etc.

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