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Harvest 2008

Veraison is underway in Napa Valley

As hard as it is to believe the summer is flying by and before we know it harvest will be upon us. We always judge the passing of time by the way the vineyards look…and while out on a walk about a week-and-a-half ago we noticed some significant changes happening in our local Oak Knoll [...]

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What is the hidden impact of frost on the vineyards?

As you know we spent some time up at Cliff Lede Vineyards a couple weeks back–we were invited for a private tour and tasting and given the opportunity to walk the grounds with General Manager Jack Bittner (be sure to check out our video here). As we walked between the rows and rows of vineyards [...]

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A couple random vineyard photos

Every now and again our resident photographer finds the time to walk the vineyards and snap a few shots. It just so happens this past weekend was one–she was testing out some new filters for her lenses. Below are two shots, the first showing an unfiltered view of some Oak Knoll District vines and grapes [...]

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Is cold weather putting the 2008 vintage in jeopardy?

The past couple days have seen overnight temperatures dip dangerously low as dawn approached in the Napa Valley. We say dangerous as we look through the the eyes of the young, budding shoots in the vineyards. The frost, if it sets in, can destroy the young crop and put a winery’s annual harvest (and potential [...]

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Buds breaking out all over the valley

If you’re planning a trip to the Napa Valley anytime soon you’ll be treated to some exciting views in the vineyards. Just a little over a week ago the first signs of bud break were primarily relegated to the southern portion of the valley, but now things are sprouting up all over. Personally, we know [...]

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