Napa Valley’s most valuable winegrapes may surprise you

by TrevR on May 20, 2014

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Last fall we chronicled the week-by-week happenings around harvest 2013. Earlier this month the County of Napa released its 2013 crop report, which provides details around the value of all those winegrapes.

Overall, the value of winegrapes grown in Napa County was found to have dropped ever so slightly, from $656,236,100 in 2012 to $656,234,900 in 2013. The most valuable red and white winegrape varieties may surprise you:

Top five red winegrape varieties (by price per ton)
1) Cabernet Sauvignon ($5,474 per ton)
2) Cabernet Franc ($5,249 per ton)
3) Petit Verdot ($5,129 per ton)
4) Barbera ($4,712 per ton)
5) Malbec ($4,016 per ton)

Top five white winegrape varieties (by price per ton)
1) Roussanne ($4,330 per ton)
2) Marsanne ($3,717 per ton)
3) Albarino ($3,224 per ton)
4) Viognier ($2,843 per ton)
5) White Riesling ($2,707 per ton)

Here’s the full report (warning: PDF download).

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