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2012 Napa Valley harvest slideshow

by TrevR on October 26, 2012

The annual wine grape harvest started in mid-August here in the Napa Valley. Since that time, we’ve been collecting the photos, videos and status updates shared by local wineries from Carneros to Spring Mountain and everywhere in between.

The slideshow below (best viewed in anything BUT Internet Explorer) provides a week-by-week recap of the 2012 Napa Valley harvest.

Napa Valley Harvest 2012

The story of the 2012 Napa Valley wine grape harvest as told by wineries throughout the valley.

Storified by Trevor · Fri, Oct 26 2012 10:02:39

Week of October 22nd: The first wet weather hits the valley just as several wineries finish harvest 2012…

In Rutherford, picking the last of our Cabernet Sauvignon grapes on Tuesday. We only have our late harvest… Hills
HARVEST 2012 the end is near! Few vineyards left to pick. Lees stirring in the cellar for barrel fermented Carneros Chardonnay. #NVharvestRutherford Ranch
No picking today because of rain in the valley but tons of winemaking to do. #nvharvest #napa #wine Pond
We have written ‘Morisoli’ more times than everyone named Morisoli has ever written it, ten-fold over. #NVHarvest Winery
"Harvest is almost complete, last few tons of Cab will be harvested next week!" – Winemaker Chris Millard #NVHarvestNewton Vineyard
We brought in about 50% of the fruit from the vintage in the last 2 weeks. We’ve got about 10 days of harvest left. #NVHarvestFranciscan Estate
#jpv40 #nvharvest update: Insignia marked blocks, Backus & Stags Leap all in last week. A few blocks remain in 3 vineyards. 2012 excellent!Joseph Phelps Wines
With the exception of 2012 PORT, the entire 2012 vintage is in, fermented, and drained/pressed and off to barrel! #nvharvestAndrew Schweiger
North Bay vintners prepared for powerful rains | Video | abc7news.comTrack the rain with Live Doppler 7 HD radar maps | Flight Tracker
Got the last of our #Cabernet in before last night’s rain. What a vintage! #nvharvestCraig Camp
The first rain of the season is here! A welcome drink for all those vines that produced amazing fruit this year! #nvharvestVineyard 7 & 8

Week of October 15th: Harvest in full swing with warm days and cool nights now the norm and more wineries getting closer to the finish line…

Goodnight 15 uninoculated tanks, 11 uninoc’ed bins, 9 fermenting tanks & 4 bin ferments See you tomorrow. #nvharvest Johnson
Syrah being picked this morning… #nvharvest #wine #napa Pond
And the last fruit of 2012 goes into tank! #NVHarvest Vianna
Yesterday’s early morning Cabernet Sauvignon pick! #NVHarvest #NapaValley #Cabernet #Aintlifegrand Cellars
Winemaker Chris Millard walked our vineyards yesterday + decided we’ll harvest our #SMDA Cab tomorrow! #NVHarvestNewton Vineyard
Heading to the finish line of Harvest 2012! Big day tomorrow! #NVHarvestElizabeth Vianna
2012 HarvestPinterest
The final push. Riesling and the rest of the CS over the weekend. Thank you 2012.#NVHarvest @ChMontelenaMatt Crafton
We expected 80 tons….and got 90 instead! Beautiful Cabernet – some of the most beautiful I’ve seen in my 16 years in this biz! #NVHarvestElizabeth Vianna
2012 HarvestPinterest
#nvharvest Cab! Pond
And just like that another 50 tons of our Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is in the house! #NVHarvestElizabeth Vianna
Bringing in our Rutherford Cab all week. #NVharvestRutherford Ranch
It’s time to barrel down. #NVHarvest Winery

Week of October 8th: Cabernet, Cabernet, Cabernet. Some wineries finish harvest altogether!

Picking up donuts for our crew. 50 tons of SLD Cabernet today! #SLD #NVHarvestElizabeth Vianna
Too bad I can’t send smells, because the aromas filling the winery this morning from the fermenting tanks is amazing! #NVHarvestVineyard 7 & 8
Harvested 17 tons of #Cabernet in 3.5 hours from our mountain vineyards today! Happy #NVHarvest Mtn Vineyard
Early morning harvest at Cliff Lede Vineyards today! #nvharvest Gerke
Looking east from the top of Hoffman Lane. #Yountville AVA #CabernetSauvignon #NVHarvest Winery
Got color? This is what 2012 SLD Cabernet looks like after a mere five days on the skins! #NVHarvest Vianna
Pressing two tank off today. That means we have reached the halfway point :) #NVharvestChase Cellars
All harvesting has been completed, including #cabernet! This was the quickest harvest to date – Now we just have to wait! #NVHarvestSchweiger Vineyards
Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon totaled 78 tons yesterday! Back to the crush pad today for more #NVHarvestElizabeth Vianna
Suscol Vyrd. Almost ready to pick! #JPV40 #NVHarvest Phelps Wines
Montelena hillside Cabernet – all picked out. #NVHarvest @ChMontelenaMatt Crafton
#NVHarvest Update: We’ve started Oakville Malbec, Petit Verdot and expect estate Cab very soon. High color, big structure vintage.Franciscan Estate

Week of October 1st: A heat wave hits the valley as reds start to come in, in force.

We picked our first cab grapes of the season Saturday morning! Game on, harvest! #nvharvest #napa Pond
#nvharvest action this morning in Stags Leap. #jpv40 Phelps Wines
End of the row. Oakville Station Napa Valley Merlot harvest 2012 #nvharvest Camp
The sea of Merlot grapes from this morning #NVHarvest Vianna
We killed it on the crush pad today. 5 tons of Petite, pressed our port and showed our great guests an amazing time! #NVharvestChase Cellars
Bin of Cabernet skins headed for the press @corisonwinery. Note camera for NVVintners #NVHarvest video. Corison
Beautiful fruit from our first Cabernet pick of 2012! Busy week ahead. #NVharvest 7 & 8
8 tons of very cold Cabernet. Happy Monday. #NVHarvest @ChMontelena Crafton
Harvested some perfect #merlot at Oakville Station this morning! #nvharvest Cellars
#nvharvest update: More Cabernet Sauvignon picking this morning at our Backus Vineyard in Oakville. #jpv40Joseph Phelps Wines
Our winemaking crew picked our estate Fiano di Stags Leap. Although we are a bit slow – lots of fun! #NVHarvest Vianna

September 17th – 30th: More reds and some early Cabernet Sauvignon on the way.

Our first reds. Picking Cabernet Sauvignon at Backus Vineyard in Oakville. #NVHarvest #JPV40 Phelps Wines
Chardonnay for #NVharvest is well underway. Teams hand sort the grapes in the field! Vineyards
Harvest update: we started picking Cab yesterday, which was unusually early. Chard started 9/10. We’re about 10% done. #NVHarvestFranciscan Estate
And the final harvest shot of the day is Raven, our winery mascot observing the crushing of grapes this am #NVHarvest Vianna
Our cellar crew is on top of the world with joy for the first red grapes! #NVHarvest Vianna
Walking our Clone 7 block of Cabernet this am….a few weeks away but beautiful flavora already! #NVHarvest Vianna
#nvharvest update: Our Larry Hyde & Sons Vineyard Viognier was picked early this morning. No photos. We didn’t make the 3:30am pick time!Joseph Phelps Wines
Our still wine harvest is in full swing. Check out this pic of our team hand sorting Pinot Meunier #NVharvestDomaine Chandon

Week of September 10th: White varietals in full swing, early reds begin to come in…

Early morning Sauvignon Blanc harvest in the To Kalon vineyard: #nvharvest #napa #wineRobertMondaviWinery
The sun’s coming up at CMW and two press loads of Chardonnay are already on the scale. Big day. #NVHarvest @ChMontelenaMatt Crafton
"Finishing up the Sauv Blanc harvest for our Estate bottling this week." Update from winemaker Brian Brown: #nvharvestRound Pond
Beautiful fruit set in La Jota’s #vineyards on #HowellMountain. The 2012 vintage is going to be fantastic. Jota Vineyard Co.
Tasting #Merlot in the Bosche Vineyard today. Looks like we’ll be picking tomorrow! #NVHarvest #Harvest12 #wine Abbey
First dry-farmed, old vine Zin of 2012 #NVHarvest Crafton
Racking Pinot for the State Blend 2011. #NVharvest #EtudeWines
Sauvignon Blanc from block 5 coming in this morning. #nvharvest Pond
Harvest begins @MFV_Wine with our 2012 Albion! #nvharvest #napavalley Family Vyd.
Harvest 2012 at Cuvaison! Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the first to be picked!–Pinot-Noir-and-Chardonnay-are-the-first-to-be-picked- #NVHarvestCuvaison Estate Wine
Vines picked clean and grapes headed to your glass. #nvharvest Pond
More Sauvignon Blanc tomorrow… It’s beginning to feel a lot like harvest! #NVHarvestElizabeth Vianna
Albion harvest 2012 under the glow and protection of the moon! #nvharvest #harvest2012 #napavalley #wine Family Vyd.
It’s our first Pinot Gris @cornerstonenapa and our first grapes of 2012 #nvharvest Camp
Harvest has begun at Cuvaison in Carneros, Napa Valley!! Picked and crushed our first block of Chardonnay this morning! #NVHarvestCuvaison Estate Wine
It’s here! Our first batch of Zinfandel came in today!
Our Malbec and Merlot grapes are inching closer to harvest! Maybe two more weeks. #Cabernet has a ways to go. #NVHarvest #Coombsville #WineSodaro Estate Winery

Week of September 3rd: White varietals continued to come in, reds about two weeks away…

The blur of #nvharvest – man, our guys are fast!! Pond
Looks like our @CornerstoneNapa 2012 #nvharvest will start with sauvignon blanc on the 13th #herewegoCraig Camp
The vineyard crew just brought in the first Pinot! #NVV12 Valentine
Good first day of the 41st Harvest here @ChMontelena 34 tons in, about 866 to go… #NVHarvestCameron Parry
Our first Sauvignon Blanc! #NVHarvest Vianna
Our first harvest update of the season! The first batch of Pinot Noir arrived at the winery today: #nvharvest #wineRobertMondaviWinery
Brian taking a turn at the hose. #nvharvest #napawine Pond
Day 17 of #NVHarvest 2012 = the last of the #SauvBlanc. Check out the view of Mt. Saint Helena from above the fog. Vineyards
WIth night picks in full swing it’s shaping up to be a fantastic #SauvignonBlanc harvest this year! #NVHarvest Winery
Crushing our first chardonnay today. Next week is shaping up to be quite busy! #nvharvestRutherford Ranch
Viognier picking this morning in St. Helena. #nvharvest #jpv40 Phelps Wines
Getting ready for the morning picking right now. #NVHarvest #napavalley Pond
The sky this morning. #NVHarvest #JPV40 Phelps Wines
Finished up crushing our Sauv Blanc! #nvharvestRutherford Ranch
We can feel the anticipation in the air, HarvestFacebook
Bringing in Semillion today for blending with our Sauv. Blanc! #NVHarvest #WineWednesdayArtesa Winery naked carneros Chardonnay vines harvested by Beringer today. 1 of handful of sites where fruit is ripe #nvharvestThomson Vineyards
On day 14 of #NVHarvest 2012 we are picking at Marlee’s Vineyard, our home estate. Vineyards
Another early morning in Napa for @DanaEstates SB harvest on Howell Mountain! #nvharvestNatalie Gerke
Picked more #SauvBlanc on Day 13 of #NVHarvest 2012. This #Merlot at Monitor Ledge Vineyard won’t be far behind. Vineyards
#NVHarvest Looks like 1st day of harvest is Wed 9/5 — HALL Sauvignon Blanc from T Bar T.HALL Wines
Checking our Sauvignon Gris….getting close! #NVHarvest Vianna

Week of August 27th: Sauvignon Blanc began to come in across the valley…

Our Viticulture Manager on #NVHarvest 2012: "If you can’t make killer wine from this vintage, you should find another line of work."Duckhorn Vineyards
Harvest has officially begun! Here winemaker Tony Coltrin tastes juice from our Heritage block #sauvblanc #NVHarvest
#NVharvest 2012 is in full swing. We’ll pick 90% of our white grapes between now and next Friday – a "Sav-alanche". Vineyards
Honig Harvest 2012 Celebration43regina
Filling the press for #2012sauvignonblanc #nvharvest 29
Final rows of #SauvBlanc being picked this morning. Viognier next week. #JPV40 #NVHarvest Phelps Wines
Crushed our 2nd Sauv Blanc vineyard this morning. Fruit looked good, should finish with Sauv Blanc on Friday! #nvharvestRutherford Ranch
Crush 2012! #nvharvest Ranch
8th day of #nvharvest 2012, today we are bringing in Sémillon fruit from Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga. Vineyards
Content from 40th Napa Valley Harvest – 2012The Joseph Phelps 40th Napa Valley harvest began August 28, 2012. 13.76 tons of Sauvignon Blanc were picked that first morning followed b…
Grape sampling madness 29
So far, so good! Hoping for a bountiful #NVHarvest #wine #NVVPics #CabernetSodaro Estate Winery
More pre-harvest pics. #napavalley Ridge Vineyards
Bin full of #SauvBlanc #NVHarvest #JPV40 Phelps Wines
#SauvBlanc grapes are the first to arrive. Day 1 of #NVHarvest @StSupery! Supery Winery
Crush control center #nvharvest @stsupery Russell
Busy in the cellar testing #SauvBlanc samples from @stsupery Dollarhide Russell

Week of August 20th: Sauvignon Blanc and other white varietals began to come off the vines and many continued preparations for the weeks ahead.

#cabsauv at the St. Helena estate. #NVHarvest #JPV40 Phelps Wines
Harvest board #nvharvest @ Chase Cellars Martin
Harvest 2012 party beverages chilling out… Going to be all time! #Continu @ Continuum Estate, Napa Valley Mondavi
One ton bin organization @Stsupery picking #sauvblanc next wk #NVharvest Russell
Crew is dropping the wings of our Cabernet Sauvignon #coombsville #napa valley Vineyard
Twomey Sauvignon Blanc Harvest 2012silveroakcellars
The first #CheninBlanc for 2012…….only 950 more tons to go! #harvest2012 Ridge Vineyards
Harvest has begun here at Artesa Vineyards & Winery! #Sonoma #Napa Winery
Our #Cabernet is quickly moving through #veraison- ripening where sugars develop and the berries turn purple. Jota Vineyard Co.
pre-harvest preparations in full swing! repairing glycol leaks, sorting harvest supplies, and scrubbing tanks!Bouchaine Vineyards
#sauvblanc at the St. Helena estate is almost ready for picking. Our 40th harvest starts soon! #NVHarvest #JPV40 Phelps Wines
It’s official Harvest 2012 is here at Peju! #harvest #wine #napavalley #sauvignonblanc Winery
Harvest -it’s offical! The Napa Valley Vintners kick-off Crush at the Historic Bale Mill last night. Beautiful… Cakebread
Cropping the vineyard, heart breaking , but necessary quality wise. Estate
It is declared! This year is classic! #NVHarvestChase Cellars
The energy is high in #napavalley as harvest kicks-off!Trefethen Family Vineyards
"This growing season takes me back to the classic Napa Valley vintages I knew as a teenager." Elias Fernandez, Shafer Vineyards
Early Harvest reports in the Napa Valley are positive!…yes!!Jeff Gordon Wine

Week of August 13th: Harvest 2012 kicked-off with sparkling wine grapes first off the vine as per usual.

Harvest 2012 is on it’s way! #NVWines #NVHarvest @NapaVintners @NapaCAPatchSchweiger Vineyards
Winemaker Brian Brown gives us his first update of the harvest season! #napa #nvharvestRound Pond
Harvest Napa Valley 2012 Kicks Off!napavintners
Preparing For Our 40th Harvestjosephphelpswinery

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