Siri: A personal sommelier in your pocket?

by TrevR on October 21, 2011

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Time for a bit of Friday fun. We’ve talked before about how the world is going mobile–speaking of which, don’t forget to download The Cork Board App for your device.

Last week, Apple released its newest iPhone, the 4S, which comes complete with something called Siri. Siri is billed as a “virtual personal assistant” that you can ask questions of or dictate instructions to using your voice. In the seven days since it launched, Siri has had all kinds of crazy questions asked of it and commands made–and has generated some amusing responses.

Of course, we had to put Siri to the test when it came to wine. We peppered the tool with all types of wine-related questions. We asked ‘what is malolactic fermentation?’ ‘What wine should I pair with steak?’ ‘What is bottle shock?’ and even ‘Cabernet or Chardonnay?’

The results?

Unfortunately, outside of correctly defining a few key terms, identifying nearby wineries and pointing out restaurants that had a particular wine on the menu, Siri came up bit short.

Here’s hoping future iterations of the service make it more vinophile friendly. If you’ve got the new iPhone, what wine-related questions have you thrown at Siri?

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