2011 Napa Valley wine grape harvest expected to kick-off Monday

by TrevR on August 27, 2011

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The wet, wild and mild 2011 growing season is nearing its final stage. Despite veraison coming along a week or two behind schedule in some places, the annual wine grape harvest is just about to kick-off here in the Napa Valley.

Mumm Napa, the sparkling wine producer that is generally one of the valley’s first to start bringing in fruit, plans to begin harvest early in the morning on August 29th.

Meanwhile, over on Piña Napa Valley’s blog, owner Ranndy Piña discussed the crop thinning that’s happening in many vineyards across the valley right now.

Several of the vineyards farmed by Piña Vineyard Management for delivery to Piña Napa Valley, will have less fruit dropped on the ground this year. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the reason there will be less fruit dropped, is because there is less fruit on the vines than in past years. Vines that were pelted with rain while in their “bloom” stage have a poor fruit “set”. For these vineyards, we’re anticipating a light harvest this year. It’s a gambling business. Always has been.

Stay tuned for more harvest updates as the crazy season gets underway!

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