St. Clement, Cliff Lede feel the love, Napa Valley hikes detailed

by TrevR on April 17, 2011

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Another crazy week is finally calming down here in the Napa Valley. As usual there have been a couple interesting items about our little valley in the news recently. Read on for details.

Cliff Lede Winery in Yountville

Cliff Lede, PlumpJack and St. Clement feel the WSJ love
Lettie Teague of the Wall Street Journal visited the Napa Valley and sought to visit a few of the non “big brand” wineries. She checked out PlumpJack, St. Clement and Cliff Lede.

As you’ll recall, we visited Cliff Lede a couple years ago to tour, taste and interview general manager Jack Bittner. Year in and year out the winery produces one of our favorite local Sauvignon Blanc’s. Here’s what Teague had to say about Cliff Lede:

The Cliff Lede tasting room looks a bit like a suburban living room (it was once the family home of previous winery owners) and the soundtrack was a strictly ’80s mix of Dire Straits, Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart. Music is a key component at Cliff Lede; the vineyards all have musical names like “Roxanne,” “Light My Fire” and “Hotel California.”

The cheerful fellow behind the bar offered free tastes of wines from Breggo Cellars, a winery that Mr. Lede purchased in Mendocino last year, as well as the Cliff Lede selections of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2009 Cliff Lede Sauvignon Blanc, bright and lively, has always been one of my favorite Napa Sauvignons. When I asked about the 2007 Poetry, the winery’s flagship Bordeaux-style blend, I got a pour of that as well, although it’s usually reserved for private tastings. But the pourer noted, “We don’t have that much, and at 96 points, it’s going fast.” (Wines are measured as often in numerical scores as case amounts in Napa.)

Full story.

Where to get your hike on in the Napa Valley
Meanwhile, 7X7 shared thoughts on four places to enjoy the outdoors in the Napa Valley. Among the suggestions are Skyline Wilderness Park, where in addition to hiking we love the disc golf, as well as Westwood Hills Park in the city of Napa.

We’d also suggest checking out Alston Park on the west side of the valley on Dry Creek Road. Small rolling hills and easy hiking abound and there is a super popular dog run as well.

Full story.

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