Auction Napa Valley raises $8.5 million, sees strong social media buzz #AuctionNV

by TrevR on June 6, 2010

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This weekend the 30th annual Auction Napa Valley event took place here in the valley.

Last year, in a down economy the event brought in some $5.7 million. This year a few changes were made–including moving the main auction from a dinner/late evening event to a lunchtime event–resulting in $8.5 million being raised for local charities (a 49% increase).

Also new this year was the level of participation by many local wineries and businesses in promoting the event via social media channels.

We ran a few search terms (“Auction Napa Valley”, “#AuctionNV” and “Napa Valley Auction”) through one of the social media monitoring platforms to see how things played out online. Here’s a quick rundown from May 1, 2010 through June 6, 2010 (at 9am PT).

Overall Statistics
69 Blog mentions
68 News mentions
1,436 Tweets leading to 1.1 million impressions

Tweet, Tweet: Led by Twitter, Auction Napa Valley buzz peaked as the main event got underway on Saturday, June 5th

It’s clear from the graphic above that Twitter was the predominant driver of social media discussion around this year’s Auction.

The graphic below drills into the Twitter conversation a bit more by looking at the types of Tweets that were being issued by attendees and observers.

Original Content: Nearly two-thirds of the more than 1,400 Tweets issued were stand-alone, indicating solid participation from many

The graphic below shows the top discussion topics on Twitter–the thicker the grey line, the more closely aligned the terms are.

Meadowood takes center stage: The location of this year's auction, Meadowood Napa Valley, was at the heart of a majority of Auction-related Tweets

In addition to Meadowood, you can see a performance by The “Bangles” was a hot topic and attendees were Tweeting out photos from the event “”.

The graphic below showcases the Twitter users with the most mentions during this time period.

@Meadowoodnews and @NapaVintners accounted for 66% of all Auction Napa Valley mentions on Twitter

Here’s a breakdown of the number of relevant Tweets that were sent from the following handles:
@meadowoodnews: 113 Tweets
@napavintners: 98 Tweets
@legendarynapa: 24 Tweets
@rubiconestate: 15 Tweets
@mitziinglis: 13 Tweets
@lorenzarose: 13 Tweets
@sigvin: 11 Tweets
@ameliaceja: 11 Tweets
@rombauervino: 11 Tweets
@digitalbids: 9 Tweets

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