An analysis of the #Wineblends Twitter tasting event

by TrevR on April 7, 2010

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Last week there was another online Twitter tasting event, this one focused on wine blends and aptly using the #Wineblends hashtag.

As we’ve done in the past, we’ve pulled together an analysis around the overall impact. All told, our data from 3/15 – 4/4 indicated there were a total of 2,722 Tweets sent using the #Wineblends hashtag, leading to 5.8 million impressions.

No surprises in the fact that overall Twitter buzz saw a major peak on the day of the event (April 1st), before quickly falling back down to Earth. The spike shows there were more than 1,700 Tweets sent using #Wineblends on 4/1 alone–not bad.

There were north of 1,700 Tweets sent on 4/1 using #Wineblends

In terms of the types of Tweets that were sent–an indication as to the dialogue the event drove–nearly 36% of all Tweets using #Wineblends were @replies. To us, this indicates that participants were truly ‘talking’ to one another as opposed to simply broadcasting their own Tweets. The 36% figured is by far the highest percentage of @replies we’ve seen in our analysis of the #CaliCabs (21%), #SauvBlanc (27%) and #NVTweetUp (21%) events.

A significant number of #Wineblends Tweets were @replies, indicating the community was having a conversation about the wines they were tasting

Somewhat surprisingly, the top keywords that were Tweeted out alongside the #Wineblends hashtag were largely generic. Terms such as “tweetup”, “wine” “blend” “fun” and “great” appeared on the list–with no single winery breaking through. The one region to appear was “napa”, which was likely driven by the fact that there was an actual event (TweetUp) held where people gathered to taste, eat, network and Tweet.

In terms of the ‘Top Sources’ of #Wineblends Tweets during this timeframe, here’s the breakdown. @matthewliberty came out on top by issuing some 77 Tweets, he was followed by @cestbeth (70), @passaggio (57), @bobmc (46), @cuvee_corner (45), @sipthegoodlife (44), @ruthkalinka (38), @johner (36), @frankloveswine (33) and @cordairgallery (31).

In our estimation the concept of a Twitter tasting event appears to be catching on, with more participants, more Tweets and more overall online dialogue coming from each successive event.

The next such event will take place on May 6 and will focus on Chardonnay.

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