Friday round-up: Napa Valley winery foreclosures, moths invade and new items at Bouchon Bakery

by TrevR on March 12, 2010

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It’s Friday and the rain is falling. Given everything we’ve had going on this week, we’ve fallen behind on sharing some new and interesting Napa Valley items.

So, here goes…

Yountville's Bouchon Bakery is featuring these shortbread, yogurt-dipped Clover Cookies starting today through March 17th

Napa Valley winery foreclosures looming
Earlier this week BusinessWeek/Bloomberg ran a story about the financial state of the California wine industry–a topic we’ve discussed here before. The article notes that Silicon Valley Bank expects as many as 10 Napa Valley wineries to be sold and/or foreclosed on in the next year due to the continued struggles of the economy.

Here’s a telling quote:

“No more is it about stocking wine cellars with 5,000 bottles of Screaming Eagle,” says Peter Kaufman, managing partner of Bacchus Capital Management, a private equity firm in Pleasanton, Calif., referring to a Napa cult cabernet that can sell for $750 or more a bottle. “High-rollers are discovering that there are lots of drinkable $20 to $40 bottles of wine.”

Read the full article.

Bouchon Bakery adds St. Patrick’s Day items
As usual, Yountville’s Bouchon Bakery is featuring new seasonal menu items–this time themed for St. Patrick’s Day.

The first item, an “Irish Soda Bread” is described as a classic, “house-made” Irish bread that is available in individual sizes. The second, Clover Cookies (pictured above) are clover-shaped shortbread cookies dipped in green yogurt. You’ll be able to find these special treats starting today (3/12) through Wednesday, March 17th.

Portions of Napa County under quarantine due to moth infestation
The California Department of Food and Agriculture has issued a press release stating that portions of Napa County are under quarantine due to the detection of the European grapevine month. Here’s an excerpt:

The detection of an EGVM larva in a trap in the Oakville area on September 15, 2009 was the first detection of this pest in the United States. Confirmation of that detection led to increased trapping and surveys that have since detected the pest at several sites, generally contained in two pockets of infestation: one on the eastern side of the City of Napa and the other between Oakville, Rutherford and St. Helena.

Read the full release.

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