Friday Fun: a quick analysis of the recent #CaliCabs Twitter tasting event

by TrevR on February 19, 2010

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Late last week an interesting online wine tasting event took place using Twitter. The event was driven by Rick Bakas of Napa Valley’s St. Supéry Winery and was intended to, among other things, raise awareness of California Cabernet amongst wine drinkers on Twitter.

If you’re not super familiar with Twitter or didn’t participate, watch this video to get the full details on what the so-called #CaliCabs tasting event was all about (and how it worked).

We decided to have a little fun and do a simple analysis of the #CaliCabs event using one of the social media monitoring tools.

Not surprisingly the graphic below shows the number of Tweets sent out by Twitter users with the #CaliCabs hashtag blipped along without much volume until the day of the online virtual tasting (2/11/10), where it peaked at more than 3,400 Tweets.

Use of the #CaliCabs hashtag on Twitter saw a clear spike on February 11, 2010, the day the virtual tasting event took place

We also wanted to see what types of Tweets participants sent during the event. Turns out there wasn’t a ton of dialogue, which we’d define as people @replying one another, in fact the graphic below shows that only about 22% of all Tweets were of the dialogue-driven variety.

How were they a Tweetin'? A breakdown of the types of Tweets sent using the #CaliCabs hashtag

Finally, which words or phrases were most used in Tweets that included the #CaliCabs hashtag? Did the event effectively raise awareness of California Cabernet amongst those on Twitter?

The graphic below indicates the primary conversation drivers were “wine” “Cabernet” and “Cab”, which isn’t too surprising. “Napa” is also represented, but no other California AVA saw enough mentions to make it into the top 25 or so terms. Apparently lots of folks tasted and Tweeted about the “2007″ vintage and “Rick” from St. “Supery” was also a big topic of conversation.

No surprise: 'wine' 'cab' and 'Cabernet' were at the heart of the #CaliCabs conversation

So there you have it.

A similar event focused on Sauvignon Blanc (#SauvBlanc) is scheduled for March 4, 2010 from 5pm – 7pm PT.

Note: the date range for all data included in this post was 1/19/10 – 2/17/10.

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