Itinerary: a walkable wine tasting tour of Yountville

by TrevR on November 23, 2009

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In addition to boasting an obscene amount of Michelin stars for its size, the town of Yountville is rapidly becoming a hot-spot for those looking to taste some excellent wine.

Yountville walkable winetasting itinerary

As we walked through this small town recently a question popped into our head: ‘why haven’t we put together a wine tasting itinerary for the Town of Yountville yet?’

So, without further delay, we’ve done just that.

Much like downtown Napa, the Town of Yountville is seeing new tasting rooms and lounges pop-up all over the place. This, combined with the town’s small size, means a walkable wine tasting tour is not only totally feasible, but recommended.

The nine-stop itinerary we’ve put together will see you start at the North end of town and will take you through some amazing reds, whites, art and more as you head south before making the return loop where you’ll literally walk past (and maybe stop in?) many of those Michelin-starred dining establishments.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out our latest itinerary–a fully walkable wine tasting tour of Yountville.

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