The lights are flashing at us!

by TrevR on August 18, 2009

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Today is a special day for The Cork Board Team. You see, two years ago today our son was born–a life changing event that has been everything we ever hoped it would be and a whole lot more.

This past weekend, as we were driving through the valley, we heard a loud, excited “the lights are flashing at us!” come from the back seat. When we looked back at our son, he was pointing out at the passing vineyards (an ear-to-ear smile on his face) where the flash tape was blowing in the wind creating the illusion of hundreds of flashes going off.

It was one of those moments where seeing something we’ve grown accustomed to from a totally new and fresh perspective could only make us smile too.

If you’re having trouble seeing the video, click here.

Happy Birthday buddy!

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