Bardessono Restaurant profiled, an Iron Chef coming to downtown Napa

by TrevR on August 3, 2009

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A busy weekend has given way to a crazy start to the week for Team Cork Board.

That said, there has been no shortage of news in these parts, particularly for us foodies…

Bardessono restaurant

An Iron Chef coming to downtown Napa
Late last week our friends over at EaterSF shared some big, big news for anyone following the attempts to revitalize downtown Napa. The news?

Renown Japanese chef Masaharu Morimoto has inked a deal to open his first west coast restaurant, which will focus on contemporary Japanese cuisine, in the new Napa Riverfront development. According to EaterSF, the the space will include “…a sushi bar, a lounge and an outdoor dining area overlooking the river walk.”

Once open, Morimoto’s restaurant will undoubtedly provide some very stiff competition for St. Helena’s Go Fish and downtown’s Napa’s only current sushi restaurant, Sushi Mambo. Count us among those who are super excited about this new development, which is projected to become a reality in the summer of 2010.

More details here.

Bardessono Restaurant profiled by the Sacramento Bee
Yountville’s Bardessono Restaurant, which is part of the eco-friendly luxury hotel we profiled when it officially opened back in February, received some nice ‘ink’ from the Sacramento Bee.

We say ‘ink’ becuase the restaurant’s executive chef, Sean O’Toole, provided the audio for a nice looking slide show highlighting several dishes and details on how they are made.

While we’ve not yet had the opportunity to dine at the restaurant (we’re planning a visit soon), we have heard nothing but good things from those who have. Check out the audio slide show for yourself here.

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