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Folio Enoteca out of commission at Oxbow Public Market until August

by TrevR on July 16, 2009

As we strolled through Oxbow Public Market last night after grabbing a quick bite at Taylor’s, we noted one of the market’s high-profile tenants was out of commission…

Folio Enoteca and Market renovation

According to a sign posted (and from what we gathered in peeking behind the screen), Folio Enoteca and Winery (as it used to be known), which is a Michael Mondavi Family operation, is closed for renovation until early August.

When it re-opens (the name will apparently be Folio Enoteca and Market) it promises to have kitchen and pantry items, handmade foods and a brand new Panini station that will offer “classic and signature” sandwiches. They will also, of course, have wines from Folio winemakers Rob Mondavi and Tony Coltrin, as well as a selection of imported wines.

Folio is just one of the many vendors that are working to evolve as time goes by–construction is clearly visible now at Pica Pica’s beverage bar.

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