So just what is this blog all about anyway?

by TrevR on June 23, 2009

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It has been far too long–we promise, we’re doing our very best to find some kind of balance in our lives so that we can get back to a regular posting schedule. Thanks to everyone for hanging with us.

As we’ve been immersed (literally) in examining hundreds upon hundreds of blogs as part of the old day-job, we decided it was high time we insert The Cork Board into one of the tools to help us answer the following question: what is this blog all about?

As you can see in the graphic below, the result is just about what we expected–The Cork Board is a blog about “Napa”, “winery”, “wineries”, “vineyards” and “wine”. In the graphic, the heavier the grey lines, the more often those key terms appear on the blog.

UC29 graph

What do you think? Does this look about right to you?

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