Report: 2008 Napa County winegrape crop down more than 15 percent in value

by TrevR on April 14, 2009

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Following a wild growing season in 2008 that saw frost and near drought conditions wreak havoc on local farmers, the County of Napa has released its annual crop report.

Overall, the value of winegrapes grown in Napa County was found to have dropped by some 15.3 percent, from $472,606,600 in 2007 to $399,913,100 in 2008. The drop in overall value can be largely attributed to the crop loss caused by several days of frost in late April. While the total tonnage of white winegrapes saw a very slight increase in 2008, black winegrapes came in at a total tonnage of 79, 905.7, down more than 25 percent from 2007′s 107,580.3.

Here are a few more details from the report:

Top five black winegrape varieties (by price per ton)
1) Petit Verdot ($5,616.25 per ton)
2) Cabernet Sauvignon ($4,779.55 per ton)
3) Cabernet Franc ($4,502.67 per ton)
4) Malbec ($4,418.74 per ton)
5) Others ($3,979.38 per ton)

Top five white winegrape varieties (by price per ton)
1) Roussanne ($6,000 per ton)
2) Marsanne ($3,034.74 per ton)
3) Semillon ($2,806.34 per ton)
4) Viognier ($2,786.15 per ton)
5) Sauvignon Musque ($2,634.51 per ton)

For the full report, go here (warning, PDF).

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