One thousand more vineyard acres for Napa Valley?

by TrevR on February 9, 2009

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Been a busy day today, so this post will be relatively short. A couple Napa Valley items have caught our eye in the past few days.

More vineyards coming soon to a hillside near you
The Napa Register has word of several vintners looking to expand their Napa Valley real estate. Reportedly there are some 1,000 acres, mostly on the eastern side of the valley, that are being considered for future use as vineyards. Several of the usual suspects are in the mix, including Stagecoach Vineyards, whose current (massive) acreage already produces fruit for some 50 local wineries, as well as Craig and Kathryn Hall of St. Helena’s Hall Winery. Full story is here.

Another local makes a ‘documentary’
No, not another post about Merlove. This one is referring to the YouTube ‘documentary’ that was put together by Napa resident Seth Herbey. The video is just under ten minutes and is all about the City of Napa (supposedly providing a glimpse into a life that most tourists or travel writers never see). Check it out and let us know what you think!

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