Merlove updates, Sequoia Grove’s Michael Trujillo profiled

by TrevR on January 28, 2009

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It’s shaping up to be another gorgeous, sunny January day here in the Napa Valley and as usual, there’s no shortage of news. Here are a couple items that have caught our eye in the past 24hrs or so.

Updates on Rudy McClain’s documentary ‘Merlove’
Local director/producer Rudy McClain, who we interviewed last summer, continues to promote his documentary on Merlot. The film, which includes multiple interviews with local winemakers and winery owners, was submitted for the recent Sundance Film Festival but was not selected. McClain, in an email to followers last night said he and his crew are “…still holding our heads high and continuing forward” and then noted “We know the right time for us to shine will soon show.”

Merlove has been submitted to SXSW, the Austin, TX music and film festival and there are several screenings scheduled (the next on 2/7 in Sonoma, CA and one on 3/5 at Crushpad in San Francisco) for the coming weeks. More details and a new trailer are now online–check it out.

Sequoia Grove winemaker Michael Trujillo discusses the winery’s progress
One of our favorite stops along Highway 29 is Sequoia Grove, so it was nice to read a short piece on winemaker Michael Trujillo last night.

The article, which ran on the Orlando Press-Register website, details Trujillo’s rise from ‘cellar rat’ to winemaker and how he’s helped re-invent Sequoia Grove in the process. Here’s a short excerpt:

Working under an amazing triad of teachers — Allen, Tchelistcheff and the respected wine consultant Tony Soter — he gradually caught the wine bug. When Allen retired in 2002 and sold the winery to Kobrand, Trujillo became president and director of winemaking.

He likes to say that when he took over, the winery wasn’t broken, but he set out to fix it anyway.

“Wine styles had changed; the competition was tougher.”

Read the article here.

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