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Yountville’s 25° Brix drops the 25°, is now just Brix again

by TrevR on January 7, 2009

Several days ago we noticed a change in the sign out in front of 25° Brix Restaurant and Gardens in Yountville. What was the change? Well, the 25° portion of the sign was gone.

We asked around and were told by owner Valerie Herzog the 25° Brix name was confusing local customers, so the restaurant has decided to go back to the “good old name” of Brix (the restaurant only added the 25° following a major overhaul that was completed last June).

If you clicked on the very first link in this post you’ll note the marketing collateral has not yet been updated and the restaurant website is still, although appears to re-direct to the current website. Based on reviews from the critics, there are other several other challenges as well.

No word on if there are other changes afoot…

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  • Jim

    What was the significance of adding 25 degrees to begin with?

  • Jim

    What was the significance of adding 25 degrees to begin with?

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