Bottega, French Laundry, Hess Collection, Paraduxx, Robert Mondavi Winery–Napa Valley brands examined

by TrevR on October 28, 2008

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A couple weeks ago we wrote about brand ownership and looked at the phrase “Napa Valley”. As promised, today we’ve got a few more local brands to have a look at–namely, Bottega Ristorante, The French Laundry, The Hess Collection, Paraduxx and Robert Mondavi Winery.

There are keyword clouds for each brand included below, along with some of our comments. Again, the clouds are made up of the fifty most common terms that appear along with each brand online across mainstream news sites, blogs, social networks, video/photo sharing sites, etc. The larger the term in any one cloud, the more often it is associated with that given brand.

Have a look and see if anything surprises you:

Just about as you’d expect for a search on “Bottega Ristorante”(above). Top associated terms include “michael chiarello”, “yountville” and “open” as folks are obviously buzzing about the new restaurant and when it will open (as reported here, December 3rd is the target date). Not surprisingly, terms like “napastyle”, “restaurant” and “chef” are also high on the list.

The terms most closely associate with “French Laundry” (above) are also somewhat predictable as words like “restaurant”, “food”, “chef”, “thomas”, “keller” all show up. Also appearing are terms like “time” and “hard”, which refer to how easy (or not so easy) it is to get a reservation at this world-famous Yountville establishment.

The Hess Collection cloudFor “The Hess Collection” (above) we see familiar terms like “wine”, “napa valley” and “mount”, “veeder”, “summit”, all of which do a good job of characterizing the winery that sits high up on Mt. Veeder in southwest Napa. Interestingly, several other wine brands also appear in the cloud, including “schramsberg”, “beringer” and “grgich”. Clearly there’s some room for The Hess Collection to differentiate itself from these other brands (or perhaps their strategy is to somehow associated with them?).

Paraduxx cloudIn our estimation, the Paraduxx cloud (above) illustrates the biggest opportunity. Terms such as “photos”, “taken” are the most commonly associated with the brand and each were driven by a series of Flickr photos posted by recent winery visitors. Surely, terms such as “duckhorn” (Paraduxx’s big sister) and “napa”, “wine”, “blend” or even “postmark” (a Paraduxx wine label), should be much higher up on the list than they are.

Robert Mondavi Winery cloudAs the largest brand examined here, “Robert Mondavi Winery” (above) sees terms such as “wine”, “napa”, “valley”, “tasting”, “california” as most commoly associated with it. Indicating its more mainstream popularity and the on-site activities available to visitors beyond wine, we also see terms such as “visit”, “tour”, “food” and “art” appearing.

The primary questions that come to our mind about all of this are:

  • What keywords do each of these organizations associate with themselves? (How are they defining the brand?)
  • Do each of these organizations know this is how their brands are being defined by others on the Internet right now?
  • In the event there are keywords associated with a given brand that the brand does not want to see, what are they doing about it? Surely having a blog and an online presence beyond their own website would be a start…

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