A review of the documentary Merlove

by TrevR on October 27, 2008

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Earlier this summer we spoke with Rudy McClain, the local filmmaker who was working on a documentary (dubbed Merlove) about the Merlot varietal. After attending the first-ever public screening of the film, we wrote the following:

We really, really wanted to have at least one underlying ‘story’ carry us from start to finish. For us, we thought that ‘story’ was going to be John Sorensen (“momma said no”) and Vincent who were off to make Merlot in a local garage. Unfortunately, we can’t recall them appearing at all in the final quarter of the film.

Following that initial screening, McClain was to go back to the editing room and late last week we came across a review of a more recent iteration of the film. We found a couple excerpts to be noteworthy, including this opening:

As a documentary, “Merlove” is a rambling mess. As a documentary for wine lovers, it’s essential viewing.

And the close:

If you’re curious or already savvy about terms like “varietals” and “terroir” (the latter refers to the geographical conditions that influence each wine’s unique characteristics), “Merlove” is a guaranteed treat. It’s not a particularly good documentary in terms of educational eloquence, but there’s something so universally life-affirming about merlot that you can appreciate McClain’s infectious enthusiasm, if not his too-relaxed skills as a filmmaker.

Full review here.

Have you seen Merlove? If so, let us know what you thought in the comments!

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