A new wine tasting option in downtown Napa

by TrevR on October 24, 2008

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Earlier this week we got word of a new downtown Napa wine tasting option that recently opened. Ted Osborne and Chuck Custodio have opened the new tasting room at 974 Franklin Street just on the heels of the closing of Stave Wine Lounge (guess it may be time for us to update our downtown Napa wine tasting guide).

Osborne and Custodio, who are certainly not newcomers to this game (Osborne was previously the winemaker at Pina Napa Valley), each have their own respective boutique family wine projects (Olabisi Wines and Trahan Winery) and decided now was the time to devote more attention to those.

The tasting room has a decidedly non-Napa Valley swank look and feel to it, something Osborne and Custodio made sure was the case. Instead, it’s got the feel of a hang-out and is somewhere the pair hope visitors will feel comfortable and be able to focus on the wines being poured.

Osborne told us “We’re used to pouring wine for folks out of the wineries we’ve worked at prior to opening our tasting room, so we want to keep that comfort level of the winery environment for us and for our customers.”

We also asked him for his thoughts on the downtown Napa area. His take? Read for yourself:

“We’re decidedly UP on downtown Napa, especially our little corner of things. One of the appealing aspects of offering our wines for tasting and for sale downtown is that we can rest a bit easier knowing that many of our customers are on foot and will be walking back to their lodgings. They can taste here, grab some wine, hit one of the many world-class restaurants and casually amble on back to their room, never having to get behind the wheel of their car.”

The tasting room for Olabisi Wines and Trahan Winery is open Monday – Sunday from 11am – 6pm. Check it out!

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