Harvest 2008: an update from the cellar at Spring Mountain Vineyard

by TrevR on October 6, 2008

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Late last week we told you about the latest from the vines at Spring Mountain Vineyard.

Over the weekend we heard from winemaker Jac Cole about what’s going on in the cellar, here’s the update:

All the barrel lots of Sauvignon Blanc are very near or at the end of their fermentations; we don’t encourage ML fermentation for the SB’s wanting to preserve all the bright fruit characters possible, but we have started our stirring of the barrels which will continue weekly for about six months or until the mouth feel is where we like it.

The Pinot Noirs have been put down to barrels and are going through ML fermentation and our first lot of Merlot will be put to barrels this (Saturday) morning. The rest of our time is spent doing pumpovers on the tanks of grapes we brought in the last couple of days. All in all pretty mellow around the cellar, but just the calm before the storm or when the other 80% of the fruit comes in during the next three weeks.

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