Harvest 2008 update from Spring Mountain Vineyard–pending rain edition

by TrevR on October 3, 2008

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As we sit here writing this, the air is warm and the skies are dark and gloomy. Rain is in the forecast for this evening and all day tomorrow, making many winemakers quite nervous as many still have quite a bit of fruit on the vines.

Our friends up at Spring Mountain Vineyard checked in today with an update on how their harvest is coming along and what the rain may mean. Here’s the rundown from vineyard manager Ron Rosenbrand:

Things are starting to get pretty busy for us. We now have just under 20% of our harvest completed. There is still a lot of fruit hanging as we wait for their flavors to mature. This would be quite nerve racking for some vineyard owners with the threat of rain looming. We however, have a very light canopy and the fruit will dry out quickly. This is an advantage because we don’t have as much of a threat of bunch rot that growers with a heavier canopy face. Thick, heavy canopies can act as a green house if it gets warm and calm after the rain and botrytis fungus can grow pretty rapidly with those conditions.

All of our Sauvignon Blanc has been harvested since our last communication a week ago. This week we picked more Merlot, and some Syrah and Viognier which we co-ferment to make a lovely Cote Rotie style wine. We also started our earliest ripening Cabernet Sauvignon blocks. Tonnage quantity has been down from last year block by block anywhere from 5% to 30%. The quality of the fruit on the other hand has been fabulous. We are expecting some really beautiful wines to come out of the 2008 vintage here at Spring Mountain Vineyard!

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