A review of Yountville’s Redd

by TrevR on September 30, 2008

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Just about this time last year we paid a visit to Redd in Yountville for lunch (see our photos). Overall, it was an enjoyable visit–good service, good food and good wine. We’d certainly heard loads of good things about the restaurant and left full, satisfied, but certainly not blown away.

Over the weekend the Financial Times ran its own review of Redd, coming to the same conclusions we did. Here are the key excerpts:

Opened a few years ago, Redd replaced a primary-coloured trattoria with something more muted–grey banquettes, generously spaced tables, sleek wood floors. On a blazing day outside, it’s as cool as an iced flannel in there. This is luxe, not posey. The focus is on that unpompous, unprompted moment when you smile at the food you’re eating, then at the person you’re eating it with. Which reminds me: order the doughnut holes. If you don’t see them on the menu, ask. They come with three sauces: dulce de leche, cinnamon caramel and strawberry.

And the conclusion:

So here’s the real skinny. I lived in the valley 15 years ago when I was 23, wore miniskirts and learnt about wine by drinking it. I never thought I could go back and love it as much but places such as Redd have changed my mind. This restaurant makes you feel the way being 23 does: hungry.

Full review is here.

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