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by TrevR on September 1, 2008

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…one that we wrote about last week, that is. In an article published today, the North Bay Business Journal reports that Michael Chiarello is in the process of finalizing details around a new television show to be filmed on the V Marketplace property where his new NapaStyle store is and where his to-be-opened restaurant, Bottega, will sit.

Sound familiar?

It should, we reported these very same details on August 26th.

Meanwhile, construction at the Bottega site is coming along quite nicely–there’s a great view to be had from the second level of the V Marketplace (just above NapaStyle). Just this weekend we noticed new renderings of what the completed restaurant will look like from the outside hanging on the blinders that surround the site at present. Here’s a glimpse:

Michael Chiarello\'s Bottega restaurant in Yountville, CA

NBBJ article is here.

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