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by TrevR on August 13, 2008

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Those of you long time Cork Board readers will recall our harvest 2007 coverage including interviews with various local wineries–where we asked for general updates on how things were progressing, etc.

With the 2008 harvest just underway, we’re gearing up for some similar activities, only this year we’re taking a slightly different approach.

The Cork Board is very excited to announce that the fine folks from Spring Mountain Vineyard up in St. Helena–specifically winemaker Jac Cole and vineyard manager Ron Rosenbrand–have agreed to contribute regular harvest updates to The Cork Board.

So here’s what you can expect. On roughly a weekly basis you’ll be able to read (and see) all about the 2008 harvest through the eyes of one of the valley’s most storied wineries. We’ll ask a couple questions each week, which Jac and/or Ron will do their best to answer and they’ll also provide some photos as to what’s happening at the winery, in the vineyards, etc. It should be a lot of fun, and informative too.

Due to its physical location on the eastern slopes of Spring Mountain, the winery typically starts its harvest a bit later than those on the valley floor. Here are the rough estimates for when Spring Mountain Vineyard will begin picking its fruits:

September 1st – 7th: Sauvignon Blanc
September 10th – 15th: Pinot Noir
September 20th: Merlot
Late September: Syrah
After October 1st: Red bordeaux varieties

So stay tuned and be sure to check out our Harvest 2008 category for more information.

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