AVA disputes continue in Napa Valley, Alpha Omega gets some love

by TrevR on June 20, 2008

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It’s a hot, sweltering Friday afternoon and all we feel like doing is popping open a nice bottle of cool, crisp sauvignon blanc–if anyone has any suggestions, we’re all ears! In the meantime, here are a couple news items that caught our eye today.

No AVA designation for east Napa, at least not yet
Last week we wrote about the continuing saga around the designation of the Calistoga AVA and what it might mean for a couple of small, local wineries. That discussion has continued over on Fermentation–check out this link for the update. Turns out the folks in Calistoga aren’t the only ones having an issue establishing a new AVA.

Vintners in the area of east Napa–know to many (dare we say most?) in the valley as Coombsville–had sought to establish an AVA. The issue stemmed over what to call the AVA. The application was apparently filed requesting the area be named the “Tulocay” AVA, while others pushed for it to be called the Coombsville (or Coombsville District) AVA. According to the Napa Register (check out the link for some very surprising quotes), yesterday the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau ruled that due to lack of agreement on the naming issue, there would be no AVA distinction for the area at all.

Alpha Omega Winery feels the local love
One of the wineries that’s long intrigued us is Rutherford’s Alpha Omega Winery. In fact, we stopped by earlier this year to do a drop-in tasting, but found the winery to be undergoing a massive construction project. While it was still open, we decided to hold off and wait for the construction to be completed before paying a formal visit.

Now, it sounds as though that time may be near. We drive past the winery on a daily basis and from what we can tell the construction is nearly finished–even the pond with three or four fountains shooting water high in the air out front has been refilled and up and running for a few months now.

Our friends at the Napa Register have a detailed story on the history–and rebuilding project that Alpha Omega has undergone. Check it out here.

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