Michael Chiarello’s flagship NapaStyle store soon to open in Yountville

by TrevR on June 9, 2008

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We told you before out the new restaurant and flagship NapaStyle store that Michael Chiarello is working on in Yountville. Over the weekend we were in Yountville getting our mornin’ cup of Joe (a double, non-fat cappuccino from Bouchon Bakery actually) and caffeine in hand, we decided to take a stroll. Being as it was so early in the morning, there was hardly anyone out and none of the shops a V Marketplace were open. Heck, the grill at Pacific Blues Cafe had not even been fired up yet.

After entertaining the little one by showing him all the fountains and watching the black birds play, we happened upon the construction at the soon-to-be-opened flagship NapaStyle store. The location is immediately behind the main V Marketplace building–it’s actually the spot that was previously occupied by V Wine Cellar (which is in the process of moving to the front of the V Marketplace building–directly across from the outdoor seating at Pacific Blues).

A sign on the front of the new NapaStyle building says it will open in June. Here are a couple photos we shot with our camera phone

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