Farm at Carneros Inn reviewed, Oprah comes to Napa and more

by TrevR on June 7, 2008

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It was a busy week for us this week and the weekend is shaping up to be no different. Here are a few of the stories that caught our eye over the past several days.

Farm at the Carneros Inn Reviewed
The San Francisco Chronicle published a review of Farm, the up-scale restaurant located within the Carneros Inn property. Overall, Michael Bauer gave it 2.5 stars, which puts it somewhere between “good” and “excellent”. He noted:

The atmosphere is casual and quietly fun, with three wine walls lit in different colors: yellow on one, orange on the other and a slowly changing wall that moves from green to blue, purple and pink behind the host stand.

We were made to feel like outsiders by the haughty host, who led us through the dining room as if we were interlopers. Yet aside from that brush-off, we enjoyed the meal, the first I’ve had since I reviewed the restaurant shortly after it opened in December 2006.

Since that time the grounds have matured and the menu has changed significantly under new chefs Jeff Jake and Christophe Gerard, who still subscribe to the farm-fresh philosophy of their predecessor. The difference is that the food is now much better.

Read the full review for yourself.

Another study says drinking red wine is good for you
Researches this week released the results of a new study (on mice) that found red wine may protect the heart against the effects of the aging process. The magic ingredient? Reversatrol. Here’s an excerpt:

Using a method that permits simultaneous analysis of thousands of genes at the same time, the researchers found a huge overlap in the genes whose activity were changed by resveratrol and caloric restriction.

They looked at the heart, brain and muscles, and said that the effect of resveratrol was strongest in the heart but did prevent some aging-related changes in the other tissues.

Full article is here.

Oprah pays a visit to the Napa Valley
This week Auction Napa Valley, the philanthropic wine auction that has given nearly $78 million to the Napa Valley community since 1981, got underway. To kick things off on Friday, none other than Oprah Winfrey made an appearance. The Press Democrat reports:

The celebrity talk show host breezed through the displays of the live auction lots at Trinchero Winery, stopping to greet Her Royal Highness Princess Nandi Zulu, who flew in from South Africa to support the auction.

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