Another Food Network star visits the Napa Valley

by TrevR on June 4, 2008

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Here at Cork Board world headquarters we don’t watch too much television anymore. Between work and the little man (hard to believe he’s already going on 10 months), there’s just not a lot of time left in the day. When we do turn on the boob tube, it’s typically tuned to one of two channels–ESPN News for me and the Food Network for the better half. It evens out, because as much as she despises my channel, I despise hers.

There are very few chefs/hosts on the Food Network that I can tolerate, one of which we wrote about last year. Today, one of our loyal readers let us know that another Food Network star has visited the Napa Valley and will air a show featuring it this coming weekend. Turns out Rachael Ray and her ‘Tasty Travels‘ show will air a Napa/Sonoma segment on Friday, Saturday and again on Sunday (check your local listings).

Apparently at least one segment was filmed at Ballentine Vineyards in St. Helena with Van and Betty Ballentine and the winery’s very personable winemaker, Bruce Devlin. Having interviewed Devlin for this here blog, we’ll be tuned in just to see that portion!

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