Trinchero Family Estates ‘Wine 4 Chilling’ and ‘Wine 4 Grilling’

by TrevR on May 27, 2008

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We’ve written before about some local wine producers experimenting with lower-end, alternatively packaged wine. That said, we were intrigued this past weekend as we happened into our local Cost Plus World Market. After browsing through the wine selection, we headed for the exit and got a bit sidetracked by a large display near the summer BBQ paraphernalia.

Terlato’s Wine 4 Chilling and Wine 4 Grilling at Cost Plus World MarketStacked about chest-high were a bunch of small white boxes, some with green text and some with red. Upon closer inspection, we learned the white box with green writing was “Wine 4 Chilling” and was a 2007 California White Wine. The white box with red text was “Wine 4 Grilling” and was a 2007 California Red Wine. The boxes hold three liters of wine (equivalent to 4 750ml bottles) and run $14.99 each (as the display said: “That’s only $3.75 per 750ml”). On the back in fine print we noted the product is from Trinchero Family Estates and it appears they’re being marketed as eco-friendly (due to the packaging) and long-lasting (each box will apparently keep for up to four-weeks).

After giving it some thought, we didn’t wind up buying a box–we’ve got a healthy backlog of some seriously great wines to enjoy. So, that’s where you come in. Has anyone out there given either the Wine 4 Chilling or Wine 4 Grilling a shot? If so, let us know in the comments what you though and if we should pick-up a box or two…

Update: The initial post mistakenly noted these wines were from the Terlato group, but they are indeed a product of Trinchero Family Estates. We regret the error and have updated this entry accordingly.

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