Meadowood Napa Valley launches blog

by TrevR on April 3, 2008

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Slowly, but surely, various Napa Valley businesses are dipping their toes into the blogosphere. Last year we lost it a bit and called out all Napa Valley wineries who didn’t yet have blogs–at the time, probably 99% of them. Since then, we’ve told you about The Hess Collection’s blog as well as a new blog from the folks at August Briggs Winery.

Last night we learned that Meadowood Napa Valley, the upscale luxury resort located in St. Helena has launched a blog of its own. Based on the four or so posts that are currently up, it’s off to a good start.

Screenshot of Meadowood Napa Valley’s new blog

The blog has everything you’d expect–search, subscription options, tags, a blog roll with The Cork Board in it :) and good use of visuals (video and photos). Those of you loyal Cork Board readers will recall our interview with Meadowood sommelier Rom Toulon last Thanksgiving, just a couple weeks after we visited the restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Well, the new blog will presumably become an ideal vehicle for such content in the future.

So, let’s all raise a glass and welcome the fine folks at Meadowood to the blogosphere–we look forward to reading about all the latest happenings! Cheers.

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