Five observations from Taste of Yountville 2008

by TrevR on March 25, 2008

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As we mentioned late last week, we made our way up to Yountville this past Saturday to enjoy the warm sunshine and check out the 15th Annual Taste of Yountville event. Having attend the event in 2007, we thought it’d be fun to go again and do a bit of a comparison. Here are our five observations, in no particular order, from the 2008 event:

1) Not sure if it’s the economy, or what, but this year’s event appeared to have fewer vendors participating. We noticed several areas where there was open space, where additional vendors could have set-up shop, but didn’t. Last year’s event felt jam-packed with vendors, whereas this year did not.

2) The tour of The French Laundry garden was a big hit. Most people we heard talking didn’t even know the land across the street to the West of The French Laundry was used by the restaurant as a bit of an on-site garden.
The French Laundry Garden on 3/22/08

3) Many people are disrespectful of other people’s personal space. On more than one occasion, we stood, full wine glass in hand, talking to people in our group or to one of the vendors only to have someone pass by and all but check us from behind. Come on folks, get a grip and have some respect.

4) Ironic/random note from the event. We parked at the south end of Yountville and walked north up Washington Street to where the action was. After getting in line and getting our tickets and wine glasses, we turned around and were somewhat surprised that the first thing we saw was a giant Bud Light beer booth. Only in the heart of wine country, we thought to ourselves with a smile…

5) No matter how many gourmet food or exotic dishes you make available, apparently you can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned burger. Napa Valley Grille was on-hand grilling its Kobe beef sliders and, for the four hours we were on-hand, consistently had the longest lines of any vendor.

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself what the event and some of the food looked like, check out our Taste of Yountville 2008 Flickr photo set.

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