Hess Collection March 2008 ‘Rare Reds’ club shipment

by TrevR on March 11, 2008

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This past weekend we made our monthly trek up Mount Veeder to The Hess Collection, but this time, we had a dual purpose. First, we had to take advantage of it being a Cellar Door Red Weekend and get a refill of our half-gallon jug. Secondly, we were there to pick up our March ‘Rare Reds’ wine club shipment.

This month, the ‘Rare Reds’ we were treated to included a 2006 Artezin Petite Sirah from Mendocino County and a 2004 Hess Small Block Series Auction Lot 11 Napa Valley Red Wine. The Petite Sirah is 14.5% alcohol by volume and the notes suggest pairing it with osso bucco, venison, red sauce pastas, aromatic cheeses and other ‘hearty’ fare. The Auction Lot 11 also comes in at 14.5% alcohol by volume and there were just 12 barrels produced–we’re definitely looking forward to giving this red varietal blend a shot sometime in the coming months.

Hess Collection’s March 2008 ‘Rare Reds’ club shipment

This being our second shipment as a wine club member with Hess, we do have one thing we’d like to see the winery do. Call us old fashioned, but we’d love to see the winery include some winemaker tasting notes and/or detailed profiles of each of the wines along with each shipment–as it is now, we simply get the wines in a sturdy carrier.

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