The Cork Board turns one

by TrevR on February 20, 2008

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Today is a special day here at The Cork Board because one year ago today we published our very first post (and yes, we’re still working on that community site, stay tuned). A lot has happened in that time–we’ve met (mostly virtually) some amazing people, we’ve learned all kinds of new things, we’ve had our first child (hard to believe he’s already six months!) and hopefully we’ve both entertained and informed some of you along the way.

Reflecting back on this time one ago, we didn’t really have any idea what to expect as we got into the world of blogging and certainly didn’t have an idea as to what this blog would become. Since then, we’ve posted 288 times (looks like we came up a bit short on our goal of having one post per day for the entire year :( ) on a wide variety of topics, all related to the Napa Valley of course, including interviews with prominent local business people, reviews of our experiences tasting wine around the valley and much, much more.

We’re both surprised and humbled to know there are some 50 of you receiving our posts daily via email, more than 100+ using some type of RSS reader and another 120+ using our Facebook and/or Bebo applications. We can only hope the coming year will be as good to us as this past one has.

We’d like to raise a glass to every one of you who has read, commented, contributed or otherwise been involved in making The Cork Board what it is today. Here’s to another year of learning, entertaining, informing and new experiences.


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