Just another Friday morning in Yountville

by TrevR on February 15, 2008

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As we made our daily stop for coffee this morning we noticed, just across the road, that several hot air balloons were launching. As is customary in these parts, when the weather is nice, the early morning sky is lined with hot air balloons.

As we sat there watching the balloons launch from right along the railroad tracks just inside the Domaine Chandon property in Yountville this morning, we were brought back to a time several years ago when we worked as part of the ‘chase crew’ for a summer. Let us just say–until you’ve milked the air out of one of these balloons after it’s landed, you haven’t lived.

Hot air balloon getting set to launch at Domaine Chandon on Yountville on 2-15-08

Hot air balloon being blown up in Yountville on 2-15-08

Hot air balloon liftoff in Yountville on 2-15-08

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