Napa Valley in danger of being annexed!

by TrevR on January 23, 2008

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In an effort to be good bloggers, we setup several RSS feeds based on key search terms related to this here blog. One of the terms, as you might guess, is “napa valley”. Now, we don’t keep up with our feed reading as much as we probably should.

So this afternoon, while going through 558+ entries, you might imagine our surprise (and momentary confusion) when we came across the following headline: Booneville, Napa Valley Targeted by West Des Moines for Annexation.

Who in the world is trying to annex (see definition #2) the Napa Valley we thought?!? We had to click through to view the entire story, and lo-and-behold, Napa Valley is NOT just the world-famous wine growing region in northern California. It’s apparently also a ‘sub-division’ of Booneville, Iowa.

See, you learn something new everyday!

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