An interview with Napa Valley royalty–Margrit Mondavi

by TrevR on January 8, 2008

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Reuters has a quick-and-dirty interview today with none other than Margrit Mondavi, wife of Robert Mondavi, and herself well-known in these parts for her many contributions to the culinary and cultural arts.

A couple excerpts caught our eye. First, this bit:

Mondavi, 81, spoke to Reuters about her career and life with her 94-year old husband who is now confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak although doctors have not been able to pinpoint the cause.

Sad to hear about Mr. Mondavi’s deteriorating health. Well over a decade ago, we had one personal interaction with a few members of the Mondavi family (including Robert) while working at Bistro Don Giovanni.

Late one summer afternoon the family stopped by for lunch and while sitting at one of the tables right near the kitchen, we had the unfortunate experience of being their bus-boy. We say unfortunate, because while reaching to refill a drink on the table, we promptly spilled a full glass (think it was lemonade) all over the place, including on a few laps. While certainly not pleased with us, the Mondavi’s were (thankfully for our short-lived restaurant career) quite gracious and didn’t make a big scene out of our very untimely blunder. A total class-act.

Another interesting exchange from the Reuters piece is as follows:

Q: Do you think the growth of Mondavi into a publicly traded company put profits ahead of making fine wine? (Constellation Brands Inc acquired Robert Mondavi Corp in 2004)

A: “It never distracted us. We kept making better wines. That was our goal … Bob always said if you’re on a quest for excellence don’t worry about anything else.”

We’re not so sure everyone would agree with that.

Check out the full interview.

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