Calistoga: ‘the last place in Napa where you can still find rednecks’

by TrevR on December 29, 2007

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The Times of London recently published an extensive piece on the city of Calistoga, outlining many of the popular places to wine, dine and relax. Here’s an excerpt from the opening:

Calistoga is the way Napa used to be 50 years ago, before big money poured in. There are no celebrity chefs here or designer clothing boutiques. And instead of fancy SUVs and black limousines clogging the streets, you’re more likely to see battered pick-up trucks. Or as one local sipping his morning coffee in the Calistoga Roastery put it, “It’s the last place in Napa where you can still find rednecks.”

That may be pushing it a bit, but certainly Calistoga has a different feel from the other towns here in the valley. It’s got that old-time charm to it–walking around the downtown area, one can’t help but feel as if time has stood still, giving you a glimpse into what life may have been like in an earlier era.

We also enjoyed the blurb about where to get breakfast:

Calistoga Roastery in downtown CalistogaIn the mornings, do like the locals do. Pull up a chair at the Calistoga Roastery, order and a big breakfast and wait for someone to start talking to you- because they inevitably will. But whatever you do, don’t take a seat at the large table in the front; this is known as “The Knowledge” and only local winemakers can sit there.

The full article is here.

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