Top five things we love about winter in the Napa Valley

by TrevR on December 22, 2007

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Believe it or not, today is the first day of Winter–the Winter solstice if you will. As has become our custom, we’ve come up with the top five things we love about the changing seasons around here.

Here goes…

5) The bare vines that now seemingly sit idly by waiting for next year’s growing season. Gone are the plush green leaves and the large bunches of grapes–it feels like a time of cleansing and renewal

4) Days (and nights) of low tule fog clinging to the rolling hills throughout the valley. It gives the vineyards such an eerie, magical look and feel. There’s really nothing quite like it in our mind…

3) Waking up to see frost covered vines glistening as the sun rises over the Eastern Napa Valley hills

2) Settling in on a cold winter night by the fire, with a glass of port in hand

1) If you don’t mind the cool weather and even a bit of rain, now is the time to visit the local wineries in the valley. Things just feel less rushed…The crowds are all but non-existent with the summer travel season and autumn crush now behind us. Now is the time to have a more intimate winetasting experience and maybe even talk to the winemaker or tour the grounds (without having scheduled such an appointment)

Happy Winter!

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