Reuters pens a love letter to Francis Ford Coppola about his wine

by TrevR on December 18, 2007

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Late this afternoon, when we were finally able to catch-up on our local reading, we came across a Reuters article about Francis Ford Coppola’s wine operation here in the Napa Valley. The acclaimed filmmaker-turned-wine guy has been at it for years–often times much to the chagrin of the more traditional crowd in Napa Valley if certain authors are to be believed.

Anyway, today’s article provides a glowing look at Coppola’s business, focusing in particular on his Rubicon brand, which sits at the higher-end of his many offerings. Here’s an excerpt:

Since then, he has thrown himself fully into making wine with a lower-priced line, called Francis Ford Coppola Presents, that sells under brand names like Rosso & Bianco, Director’s Cut, Diamond Collection, Sofia and FC Reserve.

Those wines use grapes from other vineyards, and bottles can fetch from $10 to $27. All but FC Reserve are available in retail stores across the United States.

By contrast, Rubicon Estate wines range from $40 to $125 a bottle and are made exclusively from organically certified grapes grown on the property’s 235 acres in Napa Valley.

The full article can be found here.

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