Thomas Keller one step closer to turning Yountville into Kellerville with Aloysius Inn

by TrevR on December 11, 2007

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Visitors to the mid-Napa Valley town of Yountville, famous for its high-end shops, hotels and restaurants, may soon have yet another luxury inn to choose from. The soon-to-be new lodging, Aloysius Inn, is the work of Thomas Keller, he of French Laundry/Bouchon/Bouchon Bakery/Ad Hoc fame.

Thomas KellerPlans for Aloysius Inn, which may or may not be the final name for the proposed property on Webber Ave. and Washington St., include 20-units, a gym, a spa, pool and private courtyard. The Inn has reportedly been in the works for some 6+ years, having been delayed for various reasons and only recently overcoming its latest hurdle. In terms of when the new Inn may actually be up and running, an article in the North Bay Business Times said:

The town has agreed to schedule final design review on or before the end of March. Construction is estimated to take approximately 18 months.

If things keep up, Yountville may soon have to be renamed Kellerville.

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