A review of Calistoga’s Solage Resort

by TrevR on December 4, 2007

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This past summer we reported on the opening of the Napa Valley’s latest and greatest ‘luxury resort’, Solage Calistoga. While we’ve not yet made it up-valley to personally check out the spa (the aptly named Spa Solage) or restaurant (Solbar), we are beginning to see the fruits of the resorts’ PR efforts.

Solage CalistogaIn just the past two days we’ve seen two separate puff pieces appear, first this past Sunday in the San Francisco Chronicle and today in the Napa Valley Register.

The Chronicle piece focused more on the overall resort experience, touching on the spa, the restaurant, the service and the rooms. Here’s a quick excerpt:

Our room didn’t have the private outdoor soaking tub that more pricey units have, but it did have a large shower stall, a king-sized bed, an outdoor patio with modular chairs, a coffee maker and refrigerator with snacks to buy (as well as Crayola crayons and a coloring book.)

It also sported a flat-panel TV with cable TV, movies on demand, DVD player and a separate iPod docking station for the high-tech gadgetry, and two Electra cruiser bicycles tethered to a rack outside our room for use during our stay.

Meanwhile, the Register article is all about the spa:

With an offering called the Mudslide, patrons emerge supple and centered from a soothing cocktail of mud, local water and zero-gravity relaxation. Swaddled in a waffle robe, guests are escorted through the low-water landscape grounds to elbow up to the Mud Bar. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Guests chat, blissed out in their robes.

The mudtender is happy to make a fruit-based cocktail or mix up a mud mixture tailored to your whim or your whimper. Treatments are designed to bring on joy and happiness with the mud mojito, relax with the lavender mudtini, Sam Brannan muscle soother or the sensual Mimosa mud cocktail. The mud is made from local and South American dust and an unctuous aromatic liquid of citrus, herbs and aromatics.

Both articles have some nice accompanying photos, so check them out.

Chronicle story is here.

Register article is here.

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