Reese and Jake follow in Nick and Jessica’s footsteps

by TrevR on November 12, 2007

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Early this afternoon a buzz started going through the office–particularly among the female contingent. When we finally learned what all the commotion was about, we were slightly less than impressed. It seems that someone had reportedly spotted Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal dining at a nearby establishment. We quickly forgot about the celebs and went back to work.

But we just can’t seem to get away from the Hollywood couple. Tonight, while catching up on our Napa Valley reading, we came across this little tidbit from OK Magazine:

OK! has learned that the Rendition co-stars spent Sunday night together at the romantic Carneros Inn in California’s scenic Napa Valley.

“They checked in early Sunday morning,” a source reveals to OK!, adding that once the couple got settled, they didn’t come back up for air. “Reese and Jake did order an in-room massage but cancelled it. They also weren’t seen anywhere on the grounds of the 27-acre resort, nestled in the hills of Northern California’s wine country.

While at the Carneros, Reese & Jake rented one of the resort’s private “homes,” which feature multiple bedrooms and over 1,000 square-feet of personal outdoor space. These homes can rent for anywhere from $1,600 to $2,400 per night.

Apparently our Saturday afternoon lunch at Boon Fly Cafe was just a few hours too early for all the action…ah well, what can you do? Full article here.

We promise to return to our regularly scheduled, non-celebrity gossip programming tomorrow.

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