Pairing music with your wine, Harvest ’07 photos and more

by TrevR on November 5, 2007

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We’ve got a couple random items to share with you from this past weekend, which we happily spent having dinner at an exciting downtown Napa restaurant (stay tuned for our full review coming later this week), enjoying the warm sun and generally relaxing.

Today’s online version of the Napa Register includes a nice little story showing Harvest 2007 from the eyes of Jeff Hansen, “…the talented winemaker at Amici Cellars.” According to the article, Hansen studied design and photography at the Arts Center College of Design and has won some awards for his photography. Here’s the link to some great looking shots–our favorite is #5, the flowing Cabernet Sauvignon grapes coming out of the press…Mmmmmmmm.

Friday’s San Francisco Chronicle had an interesting article on Clark Smith, the founder of Vinovation, and his notion that music can play an important role in the way a wine tastes. The article notes:

His premise is that different music makes some wines taste better and others taste worse, and the great majority of tasters will agree with the “right” and “wrong” pairings regardless of their taste in wine or music. Moreover, it’s not possible to record a generic “music to drink wine by” CD because a song that might make Pinot Noir taste great can make Cabernet Sauvignon taste awful. You have to pay attention to individual music and wine pairings.

Sounds a bit funky, we know–and the article does point out that the theory is just that and until further research can be done, no one will truly know if a song can change the way a wine tastes. Regardless, here are a few of Smith’s recommendations:

“Never play polkas with anything,” he says, unless you really like White Zinfandel.

“Red wines need either minor key or they need music that has negative emotion. They don’t like happy music. With expensive reds, don’t play music that makes you giggle. Pinots like sexy music. Cabernets like angry music. It’s very hard to find a piece of music that’s good for both Pinot and Cabernet.”

So by these rules we should have lots of Nirvana or Tool playing while we enjoy our favorite wine. Hmm…somehow we think this isn’t going to happen. Read the full article for yourself here.

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