How to taste wine, wiki-style

by TrevR on October 21, 2007

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Thanks to our friends at Lifehacker for this one.

If you’re a winetasting novice, or just looking to brush-up on your winetasting skills, wikiHow has step-by-step tips that’ll put you on the road to becoming a true oenophile in no time.

Here’s tip number five:

Take a sip of wine, but do not swallow yet. Roll the wine around in your mouth exposing it to all of your taste buds. Do this for at least a few seconds before swallowing, taking time to think about the flavors you are experiencing. Breathe in through your nose while moving the wine throughout your mouth. This increases the flavor of the wine.

Go here for the full article. And since it’s a wiki, if you don’t agree with any of the tips, or have discovered a better way to do things, feel free to edit the article yourself!

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