2007 harvest report: Luna Vineyards

by TrevR on October 9, 2007

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The Cork Board’s series of 2007 harvest interviews with local winemakers continues today with Luna Vineyards’ winemaker, Mike Drash. Luna is well-known for its pinot grigio and sangiovese and also produces some amazing cabernet sauvignon and merlot.

Read on for some insights from Drash regarding where things stand this second week of October. Our full 2007 harvest coverage can be found here.

Luna Vineyards winemaker Mike DrashCB: How would you characterize the 2007 harvest thus far? We’re not looking for predictions on how things might turn out, but rather what you’re truly seeing at this point in time.

Drash: Seems like 2 harvests in one. We began picking on August 15th with Pinot Grigio and went fast and furious until the first week of September. A cool September brought the picking to a crawl. The quality has been tremendous with flavors in line or ahead of sugars. The past month has been odd to say the least. Not much picking. 2 days of picking with 5 days of zero picking seems to be the norm. Again Cab and Merlot are of the highest quality. Fermentations have gone well and we will have our first lot in barrel tomorrow.

CB: Where are you in terms of your ‘07 crop at this point in time?

Drash: 97% of our fruit is picked. We have a big day tomorrow with 15 tons of Cab from Diamond Mt, Oakville and Coombsville coming in. The rain forecast is depressing but we will ride out the last 3 vineyards and see where we finish.

CB: What has been the biggest surprise to you regarding the ‘07 crop and why?

Drash: Biggest surprise of this ’07 harvest has been the lack of difference from the north end of the valley to the south. This is my 15th harvest in the valley and haven’t seen a year where we have picked Carneros fruit and Oakville fruit at the same time. It seems like there has been very little weather difference across appellations. Hope this helps!

CB: Cheers and best of luck Mike!

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